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Business Customer Service in Mierzyn

#Logistics #BuildingCustomerRelationships #Reporting #ResultsAnalysis #CoordinationOfSalesAndServiceOrders #CustomerService #ProvidingInformation #Projects #NewProductImplementation #ShippingCoordination #LogisticProcesses

  • Communicate with people from different cultures and nationalities.
  • Become familiar with the activities of clients in their workplace, whether it’s Lisbon or Kawasaki.
  • Have the privilege of working with implementing new products and always know ‘what’s coming’.
  • Use your knowledge of modern technologies in practice.
  • Our clients express their gratitude directly to you.
  • Form a well-organised and supportive team for whom doing the ‘impossible’ is bread and butter :)

#CustomerService #EPOS #Audio #ResultAnalysis #ProcessQuality #ProvidingInformation #Projects #ImplementationOfNewProducts

  • The team consists of people with very diverse tasks, such as Process Quality, Regulatory Compliance or Customer Service. 
  • In carrying out your duties, you have a sense of autonomy – we trust your competences and skills. 
  • Both creativity and the ability to think analytically are welcomed here with open arms. 
  • You work in an international environment, with people located in different parts of the globe.
  • You are part of a team for which it is important to create mutual trust and teamwork.
  • We try to approach the tasks creatively, looking for innovative solutions and we never use the expression "it’s just impossible".
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